Concierge Services for NRIs – Going Beyond Remittance!

India receives the highest amount of remittance globally. In the year 2006, remittance to India was a whooping $ 23 billion followed by China at $ 21 billion. However, in the last couple of years, the scope of remittance has expanded for NRIs. Rather than just sending a bundle of cash, they can assist dear ones by solving their problems in deed.

The choice of going beyond remittance has been made possible with the emergence of large number of online Concierge agencies in India. Although many many companies offer specialized Concierge Services for NRIs like real estate and travel, there are some Concierge Service companies that offer single window service platform for NRIs.

Concierge Service allows NRI send help to their parents. Instead of simply offering money for house renovation, NRIs can help their family by providing a convenient home renovation service. Likewise, in place of sending money for payment of medical expenses, NRIs can provide a service that takes complete care of their loved one's health. All this, while they are thousands of miles away!

Foray of concierge service for NRIs can be attributed to the increase in the migration rate from India in the past few years. Most of these recently immigrated Indians are young IT professionals who have their family and friends in India. Many of them wish to migrate back and maintain their cultural and emotional ties with India.

Sharp rise in the number of new concierge agencies and fast expanding client base of existing ones corroborates the success of concierge services among NRIs. In fact it can be said that NRIs have been waiting for such a service since a long time. Reasonably rich and enjoying plush lifestyles in a foreign land, most NRIs feel guilty of leaving their parents alone in India. They have always wished to care and offer assistance to their aging parents or young siblings in India, but felt helpless due to geographical distances. However, with the new wave of concierge services both NRIs and their families in India have heaved a sigh of relief. NRIs can now extend a helping hand to their loved ones even while they are away and their parents do not have to seek favors of relatives for simple everyday things.

Some of the most popular concierge services among NRIs are healthcare and utilitarian services. Under healthcare, Concierge companies offer assistance to get appointment with eminent doctors and get your families complete medical check-up. Some also offer personalized escort service to hospital to ensure your parents are well attended in time of need. Concierge companies like Sahara Care House offer 24×365 medical emergency services so that parents of NRIs are able to get immediate help in time of need. Under utilitarian services NRIs can request concierge companies to offer assistance to their family members in routine life. From household bill payments to shopping for grocery, concierge companies offer assistance for anything that you can possibly imagine!

Source by Ruchi Khurana