password Every site has a different set of requirements, asking for everything from one capital letter and one number to symbols and special characters. Creating a password is getting harder by the day, for one very good reason – to protect your information. However, there are some simple tricks and tips you can follow to create and manage strong passwords that will keep you safe from the scourge of cybercriminals.


What should you consider to create strong passwords?

It seems that every day there’s a new story about identity theft or some kind of data breach. That is why many online services are really trying to make sure their users create safer and stronger passwords to keep hackers from accessing their information.

Here are a few things you should consider about passwords:

  • The weaker your password, the easier it is to get hacked. Are you tempted to use easy-to-remember dates, like your birthday? Well, consider how easy it would be to look you up on Facebook and get your birthday information. Getting that information helps programs that run massive databases for common passwords and makes you more of an easy target.
  • Patterns may make sense, but they are not safe. If you use ascending or decreasing numbers or consecutive letters it’s easier for a system or person to crack your password.
  • Sharing is caring, but… Sharing your password with a friend, colleague or someone else, can put your information in danger. In either case, is better not to share your passwords with anyone. But if you do so, make sure that you change it right after the person uses it.
  • You need a password for everything these days. Think about it, you need a password for website logins, apps, social media accounts, bank accounts, paying your bills online, accessing your computer and even turning on your phone. Creating them wisely would help keep your information safe.


How creative can you get as you create strong passwords?

When crafting a new password, consider it your moment to shine and be as creative as you want to be … and maybe even have some fun. Take a look at these tips to help you create strong passwords.

  • Go the long way to create your password. When you have a long password with a combination of elements, it’s much harder to hack your accounts. Having 12 to 15 characters is best.
  • Combine numbers and symbols. You can even exchange letters with numbers or symbols if you want to, because when the machines try to look for random combinations it’s harder to decipher words made up with symbols.
  • Use emojis. When your information is safe, you are probably really happy. Adding a smiley face — or another emoji you can create with symbols, letters and numbers — is a fun way to create strong passwords.
  • Try to add capital and lower-case letters. Mixing upper and lower cases also makes it harder to guess your password and keeps your information more secure.
  • Make up weird sentences. Choose your favorite color, word, food, and place you really want to go. Adding things that are really easy for you to remember —but not for everybody else to know — makes your password safer.
  • Don’t reuse a password in different accounts. We know it’s tempting and an easier way to remember all of your accounts. But it also becomes an effortless way for someone else to log into all of them. It’s better if you add something particular to each of your accounts.

So, if you were to apply all the above tips, based on each platform, your passwords might look something like this:

Email: Purp1eThunder:)Austral!@

Online shopping password: Purp1eThunder:)Buy!ng

Social media account: Purp1eThunder:)OldFr!3nds

We could keep going with examples, but wanted to share just a few ideas on how to put these tips into practice and create strong passwords.

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Need a little help managing your new passwords?

Now that you have some tips to create strong passwords, you may have some concerns over how to remember them. Never fear! You can use a password manager. What these programs do is they unify your data security. Having to remember a lot of passwords can be hard, so get your devices to remember them for you.

The browser you use might have an option to save your passwords, but most of the time these are really easy to hack (especially if you lose your phone or have it stolen), so it’s better to use a password manager in order to keep them safe.

There are plenty of options to choose from, but here are the top three as ranked by

  • LastPass – Works in Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome. They have a free, basic version and a premium one with more features. Basically, every browser that you use, it can save the login credentials from all of them.
  • Dashlane – Works in Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. This is an easy to use app that also integrates every web browser. The free version lets you access basic features as well, but if you want to sync your passwords between devices you will need to upgrade your account to a premium one.
  • 1Password – Works in Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. This one features a password generator and also allows you to securely save your logins and credit card information. It’s a one-time purchase that lets you sync everything locally.

If you plan to use any of these password managers, you can put into practice all you’ve learned about how to create strong passwords and craft yourself one master password to rule them all.

The advancements in the field of wireless internet have made businesses accessible across the world. This has resulted in a widespread increase in the demand for WiFi connections. However, it is equally important to mention that poor WiFi can affect the business adversely.


The unstable internet connection can end up in demoralizing employee morale as it affects their timely delivery of services. This, in turn, may lead to frustration at the workplace. Another impact of slow or unstable internet connection is that it affects customer experience on the company’s website. The delay in page responsiveness may prompt the customer to move to another vendor leading to a loss in business revenue. Slow internet connection also causes productivity drop as employees to have to wait for a longer duration to send emails, for pages to load, or for downloading attachments, etc.

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Another negative factor of slow internet connection is that the business will experience slower growth and can even lead to missed deadlines which in turn can result in losing clients and customers. A delay in communication or lack of communication due to poor internet connection can also spoil the reputation of the business. Net neutrality is also another reason for the failure of small businesses as users get open and free internet.

Very often, small companies depend on a cheap internet connection for their business but it won’t work from a long-term perspective. In the future, it may affect productivity and kill the business. This underlines the importance of choosing a reliable broadband connection for the business to function smoothly. As almost no business can afford to have service slowdowns or outages, it is vital to have a secondary or back up internet plan that can kick in when the primary ISP is either slow or down. The cost for a second connection may vary depending on business needs and bandwidth but doesn’t need to be as expensive as the primary one.

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Finally, the requirement of business and budget can determine the best option for backup internet service. But it is highly imperative that every business has a sound back up plan in place for the business to run smoothly without any interruption.

U-verse App & AT is great for watching your favorite shows, sports, movies and more at home. But what about while you’re on the go? You don’t have to miss out on live and On Demand shows when away from your TV, because U-verse gives you a few ways to watch remotely.

U-verse App

The easiest way to watch U-verse is on your phone or tablet with the U-verse app. If you want to watch U-verse over the internet using your computer, you can do that, too, but it’s a little more challenging. Read on to learn how to watch U-verse online and with the AT&T U-verse app.

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How to watch U-verse online

How you watch U-verse online has changed in recent years. Previously, you would be able to log in on the AT&T U-verse page to stream live and On Demand TV as well as manage your DVR recordings. However, you could not — and still can’t — watch U-verse DVR recordings on your computer.

AT&T has recently removed TV streaming capabilities from their U-verse webpage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch any TV online with your U-verse subscription. Many networks, including ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox and TNT let you stream TV through their website using your AT&T U-verse login credentials.

To watch TV online with your U-verse subscription, go to the homepage for the network you want to watch, such as or Look for options like “Watch,” “Login” or “TV Provider” at the top of the screen and use your U-verse account info to log in. Once you’re logged in, you can watch live and On Demand content straight from the network. Available content will vary by network.

Admittedly, this isn’t the easiest or most practical way to watch U-verse TV online, but it is the best way to watch on your computer. For the most streamlined viewing experience, watch U-verse on your phone or tablet with the U-verse app.

How to watch U-verse on your phone or tablet

The AT&T U-verse App is available for free on Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can stream live and On Demand TV, manage your DVR and more. You still can’t watch DVR recordings, but you can get lots of live and On Demand entertainment. Here’s how to watch:

  • Download the AT&T U-verse TV app from your app store
  • Enter your U-verse login information
  • Once logged in, the home page will display featured show recommendations
  • To watch live TV, press the “Live TV” option at the top of your device
  • Scroll to find the channel or show you want to watch live and press it to start watching
  • To browse upcoming shows, select “Guide” and scroll through channels and showtimes

Keep in mind that streaming TV on your phone or tablet can use up a lot of data — fast. If your wireless carrier has a data cap, try to limit streaming to when you have a Wi-Fi connection to minimize your data usage.

If you’re an AT&T wireless and U-verse TV customer, streaming TV on the U-verse app doesn’t count against your wireless data usage.

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Shopping for U-verse TV plans?

To watch U-verse on your computer or mobile device with the U-verse app, you’ll need a subscription to AT&T U-verse services. Shop available AT&T U-verse plans and other TV plans in your area.

Investment No doubt, the best way to financially secure one needs to do the investments to seek financial stability in the future. Generally, people say, if you want more money then you need to work hard. But, we’re not talking about earnings but the savings for the better future.


Investment is not about work for money but makes your money work for you. We may not use to say that in loud but most of us desire to double our money overnight with less or no risk at all.

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Top 10 Investment Options In India In 2019

Here we’ve included both types of investment options which are currently available in Indian market –

1.)    Investment options that offer returns on the basis of market performance

2.)    Investment options that offer annuity payouts on maturity dates.

But, before you sink yourself in it we would recommend you to understand the fact that each investment avenue or option is unique and best in its own way, and varied with their own nature of returns and risks. So, when deciding on the investment option, it would be wise to be thorough and choose the one that matches your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Public Provident Fund (Aka PF)

PPF is the one most reliable and safest investment option that you can look forward to do long-term investments to receive tax-exempted returns. The interesting one receives on public provident funds is compound.

All one has to do is to open a PF account in a post office or bank where your capital will get locked for 15 years with the extension of five more years. The only drawback is you can’t withdraw your investment money before six years in the case you need the money, you can take the loan from the bank on the basis of your balance in your PF account instead.

Direct Equity Investment

As the name interprets ‘direct equity’ means investing directly in the equity market. It is a high-volatile class of assets that won’t guarantee returns but if someone from the financial background holds the knowledge of investing in the stock market can take advantage of investing in direct equities to make good returns – better than mutual funds and fixed deposit schemes, etc.

But, for a beginner, it is not the right investment option since one needs to be proficient in picking the right stocks for investment and timing the entry and exit positions among others. Furthermore, you need to efficient in performing technical and fundamental analysis of a stock. But, no doubt, if invest smartly, the investment avenue can give you inflation-adjusted returns.

Equity Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are quite popular in the investing world and whether you believe it or not but one of the best investment options to this date. And equity mutual funds are funds that principally invest in stocks only. Generally, the equity mutual fund schemes are classified as per the market-capitalization and sectors. The equity mutual funds are less volatile than direct equities but comparatively high to FDs and PPF schemes.

Investors with average risk-tolerance can benefit from investing in the equity mutual funds to get potential returns. When investing in equity mutual funds, one doesn’t need to be bound to the maturity date and can withdraw the money from investments when needed. Another advantage of equity mutual funds is, “you won’t be investing in a single stock but a group of stocks known as a portfolio.”

Debt Mutual Funds

If you’re not planning to invest in equity mutual funds then you can go debt mutual funds which only pool your money in debt securities such as treasury bills, government bonds, money market securities, and government securities. Debt the fund is an ideal choice for investors who have less risk-tolerance and looking for a steady source of income.

Fixed Deposits (FDs)

There are two different types of fixed deposits available in the Indian market:

  • Bank Fixed Deposits – Bank fixed deposits are one traditional investment avenue with fixed tenure but the average interest rates. Bank fixed deposits do not influence the market performance and offer an add-on benefit of loans on the basis of fixed deposits.
  • Company Fixed Deposits – On the other hand, the company fixed deposits are no different than bank fixed deposits except the returns in company FDs are quite higher. Also, like traditional Bank FDs, you won’t be able to withdraw money before maturity. The only good side of company FDs is the higher interest rates otherwise neither these are as secure as bank FDs nor controlled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). But, if you desire high interests with the least risk then company FDs might be right for you.

Real Estate Investment

Real-estate is very popular and common investment option in India which is considered very safe. However, to invest in real estate, it is very important to be patient and show some serious commitment towards the real-estate investment. The risk is minimal in investing real estate investment since the value of a property will surely increase with time but it is a highly illiquid asset class which made it difficult to sell the asset when money is needed on an immediate basis.

Anyways, it can be a good alternative of direct equity investments and less-risky if we’re talking about long-term investments.

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Gold Investment

Gold is one of the oldest investment options in India. It is way older than you could ever imagine. In fact, there was a time even now, when the possession of gold shows the status symbol of that individual. But, it is not wise to invest in gold jewelry since there are making charges and other charges but invest in different gold schemes such as Gold ETFs, Gold mutual funds, or even in the commodity market.

You might want to think twice before you rent that next movie. There’s a good chance it’s available for free (and legally).  There’s been plenty of attention paid lately to the 271 streaming services available in the U.S. and the subscription fatigue they engender. And with prominent new services like HBO Max debuting this year, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.


But just as subscriptions to streaming services have exploded in recent years, so has the availability of free ones. Viacom purchased the free service Pluto TV for $340 million in 2019, Tubi announced that it would spend $100 million to license content last year and NBC is offering an entirely free version of its Peacock streaming service in July.

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Put simply, if you’re willing to put up with around five minutes of commercials per hour, there is an endless supply of quality movies and shows you can stream for free. These are ten of our favorites.

  1. Hoopla: Best overall
  2. Kanopy: Best movie selection
  3. Locast: Free local TV channels
  4. Tubi: Largest library
  5. Pluto TV: Hundreds of live TV channels

How we found the best free streaming services

To evaluate free streaming services, we used the same methodology as we did for our review of the best on-demand streaming services. We took into account both the quantity and quality of titles available on each service. For quantity, we used data from, which collects all the titles available on every streaming service.

To gauge how much those raw numbers actually meant, we turned to IMDb’s lists of the top 250 TV shows and movies, which combine user ratings and popularity to determine its rankings. We counted how many titles in both lists were available on each free streaming service. Here’s how they stacked up:

Hoopla: Best overall

Great for: Critically-acclaimed dramas, classics, documentaries, horrors and family movies
Not so great for: New releases

You’ll need a library card from a participating library to use it, but Hoopla is in a class of its own when it comes to free streaming services. It has more than 9K titles in its library, and while that alone doesn’t put it in first place — Tubi actually has about 6K more — the quality of its movies and TV shows does.

Hoopla has 21 movies and 18 TV shows from IMDb’s top 250 lists. That’s more shows than Disney+, Starz and CBS All Access and more movies than Prime VideoHulu and HBO Now. Granted, Hoopla doesn’t have as much exclusive content as those services, but it’s still shocking that a free service can maintain a selection on par with such big names.

Recommended moviesCity of GodMementoGood Will Hunting
Recommended TV showsPlanet EarthRick and MortyThe Vietnam War

Available on: Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Roku

Kanopy: Best movie selection

Great for: Oscar nominees, foreign and indie films, documentaries, educational courses
Not so great for: Comedy and action

Like Hoopla, you’ll need a participating library card to access Kanopy. If you have access, you should use it. Kanopy has one of the best collections of movies of any streaming service — free or paid. By our metrics, the only service that’s stronger is Netflix.

While Hoopla’s popular movies are mostly on the older side, Kanopy has an outstanding selection of new releases. You can catch more serious Oscar fare like Lady BirdMoonlight and Last Men in Aleppo, as well as recent horror classics like HereditaryThe Witch and Under the Skin.

In keeping with its library affiliation, Kanopy is also a terrific resource for educational content.  It has hundreds of courses in topics like hair and beauty, food technology and teacher education development. Whether you’re looking to be entertained or taught, Kanopy has something for everyone.

Available on: Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Roku

Recommended moviesLady BirdMoonlightFirst Reformed

Locast: Free local TV channels

Great for: Live ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW
Not so great for: On-demand shows and movies

Locast is one of the best-kept secrets in streaming. The nonprofit service is like a TV antenna for the streaming age — just download the app and you’ll get dozens of live TV channels for free. They aren’t obscure names, either. In fact, 47 of the top 50 most-watched programs of 2019 aired on these local channels.

Unfortunately, Locast is currently only available in 17 U.S. cities, but it’s expanding to new markets constantly. Here’s where you can access it right now:

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Rapid City
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Sioux City
  • Sioux Falls
  • Washington, D.C.

For more on Locast and how to use it, you can find our detailed explanation here.

Available on: Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku

Tubi: Largest library

Great for: Comedy, action, anime, horror, family
Not so great for: New releases, classics

With more than 15K titles in its library, Tubi has the largest selection of movies and TV shows of any free streaming service by a mile — and more than paid services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Now. Granted, a lot of that is filler, but Tubi still has plenty to offer.

If Hoopla and Kanopy are like your college library’s DVD collection, Tubi is more like your local Blockbuster. It’s full of blissfully entertaining fare, from classic comedies like Planes, Trains and Automobiles to Tom Cruise thrillers Minority Report and The Firm.

Tubi also has the best collection of anime movies and shows around, including popular titles like One Punch ManAkira and Cowboy Bebop.

Recommended moviesNew Jack CitySpotlightKill Bill
Recommended TV showsCowboy BebopThe Beatles AnthologyMr. Bean

Available on: Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, PlayStation 4, Roku, Xbox One

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Pluto TV: Hundreds of live TV channels

Great for: Live TV channels
Not so great for: Action and comedy movies

Unlike most of the services on this list, Pluto TV is primarily a service for live TV channels rather than on-demand movies and shows. If you don’t have cable but still want the feel of channel-surfing, it’s a surprisingly decent substitute.

You’ll get more than 100 channels with Pluto, with 19 devoted entirely to news coverage and another 17 to sports. They’re generally B-versions of popular cable channels, but the programming often overlaps. When we checked Pluto’s NBC channel, for example, it was playing the same Meet the Press as our cable subscription.

And while Pluto is best known for its live TV component, it does have a decent on-demand selection, too. We were pleasantly surprised to find a number of movies we hadn’t seen on any other free streaming services.

Recommended moviesThe King of New YorkElectionBig Fish

Available on: Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Roku

Online Internet They wouldn’t turn upward from their telephones regardless of whether the end of the world had arrived. They are the present age of gadget dependent children.

Parents everywhere throughout the world realize that the benefits of the Internet far exceed its disadvantages. Kids find out additional knowledge, see more and achieve more with the guide of the Internet. In an ongoing study, it was seen that all around, 60% of parents permit their kid’s access to the Internet before age 11. Despite the fact that 78% of guardians concur that kids today face more online dangers than kids five years prior, just half check their kids’ internet browsers history and 46% limit access to specific sites and apps.

Online Internet
This generation of parents are bringing kids up in a quickly developing digital scene. Kids normally learn and adjust rapidly. Other than the various duties that accompany parenting, presently guardians have the extra weight of staying aware of their children’s Internet habits and furthermore directing their kids securely through the digital wilderness.

Similarly, as you have shown your children to look at the two different ways before going across the road, it is critical to show them a couple of basic digital fundamental abilities.

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1. Never Leave your Gadget Unattended 

Cell phones, laptops and tablets have not too bad resale esteem. Plus, presently cybercriminals get more cash-flow by taking the information that is stored in these gadgets than from exchanging or selling them. Data like passwords, addresses, birthdates of relatives, and Social Security numbers bring a pretty cost in the underground economy. Hoodlums can fix together the data on every one of these gadgets to commit identity theft

Kids make incredible targets for gadget robbery in light of the fact that there is a high probability for this data to be on their gadgets because of school and sports activities that require this data. Show your children how significant these gadgets are, and to keep them close.

2.Know what to Click 

Regardless of whether unpretentious or intense, phishing is dangerous. One careless click is everything necessary for a Computer virus to get into gadgets and unleash devastation. talk to your children about not clicking links that are sent in the email . Tell them the best way to Hover your mouse over the website links or URL to ensure it is going to a respectable URL address. The spelling on URL, odd messages from well-known organizations, and compromising messages asking brisk activity are a portion of the indications of a phishing email intended to introduce malware on your gadget. If you have doubts, don’t click on the URL or Link Rather go directly to the organization’s website and contact the individual concerned or the customer service division to guarantee such a mail was sent to you.

3. Never at any point share your Online Account Passwords 

You may believe that everybody knows the significance of staying quiet about passwords — yet perhaps your kids don’t. All things considered, 76% of individuals share passwords. It takes only one snapshot of poor decision making and you are exposing everything stored in your device. Show your children to secure records with solid, novel passwords that utilization a mix of in any event 10 upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers to befuddle password-stealing bots that scour the Web. Change your passwords at regular intervals and don’t utilize a similar password across various online accounts. In the event that it’s too hard to even consider remembering each one of those passwords.

4. Be careful about utilizing Social Media Sites

Numerous social networks like Facebook require 13 years old above, yet some permit kids to join with their parent’s consent.

Chances that your kids have accounts, check their security settings. The default settings may uncover more data than you’d like. Change settings to the most elevated level of security. No one can tell who is snooping around their social networking profiles. Show your children not to accept friend requests — and you — don’t know. Some friend requests originate from bots that will spam or hack your dates.

There are numerous dangers that accompany social media accounts, yet stalking and harassing are two genuine dangers that can frequent children on the web and offline. Openly sharing your location isn’t the most secure activity. To stop stalkers, disable the location services on your kid’s telephone and applications.

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5. Be a Decent Online Citizen

Keep in mind, the Internet is Forever. So anything said online remains on the web. Nothing truly gets erased, not even on Snapchat. Sadly, since the Internet is the new play area, tormenting can torment youngsters off and online. Show your kids to rehearse great online etiquette and to never express mean things. Rather, they ought to be benevolent and pass on negative posts. Tell them that the law ensures cyberbullying exploited people, so they should let you know whether they are being cyberbullied or know somebody who is.

ChatBots If you haven’t noticed recent social media trends, chatbots are the hot new thing to implement into your marketing efforts—and for good reason!

Chatbots feed the preferred communication styles of many that like text and chat while also providing the personability and attention potential clients expect from businesses these days. In response, businesses are using chatbots to provide instant customer service, product recommendation and, believe it or not, advertising!


Although chatbots can be intimidating, they create huge opportunities for nurturing and closing leads! So, if you’re the person in charge of leading your social media marketing efforts wanting to zero in on the organic traffic opportunities that are opening up for lots of businesses this is the article for you!

Below we will discuss ways to send more organic traffic to your site with chatbots and how you can optimize your customer experience to increase conversions and brand awareness. Let’s get chatting!

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11 Ways to Drive Organic Traffic With Your Business Chat Bots

Now that you are ready to roll with your chatbots, below are some tips and tricks on how to effectively use Chatbots for leads.

1. Drive Traffic with a Chat Blast Message

Email marketing is the name of the game for most marketers—especially when it comes to driving website traffic—but did you know that you can create “email blasts” within chatbots? In fact, most studies found that with chatbots there is even a better open rate than email!

Just as email marketing platforms allow for email list segmentation, Facebook Messenger platforms allow for advanced contact segmentation. Whether it is a new guide, a webinar invite or a simple “thank you”, you can schedule a bulk and engaging chat blast campaign that sends engaged traffic to your site!

When you create blasted messages, be sure to link to your site to audience segments by defining unique demographics. Doing a Facebook Messenger chat blast is free if you follow certain guidelines.

2. Be Entertaining

If you want to build and nurture relationships with your customers, you do not always need to give information or be on the track for a sale. Sometimes, it’s okay to just give them a laugh, inspiration or smile.

Entertaining your potential customers is a high-funnel tactic to engage with them, but it’s definitely effective.

Users can opt to receive future messages from you, but as a business, you can send fun facts, inspirational quotes relating to your business or games meant purely to entertain.

The Trivia Blast chatbot, for example, focuses only on entertainment. Once people send their first message, the chatbot will regularly send messages to them with game suggestions and calls to action to play them. Users can sort the trivia games by topic and some games even offer the option to “see how it works” or “challenge a friend,” inviting more users to the chatbot.

Like them, you too can create a fun interaction with your target audience as long as you always give them the option to opt out.

3. Offer Exclusive Content

Lots of businesses have mobile apps that offer automated services, but you can create chatbots that offer these services in the Messenger App itself! As some businesses are dabbling with this, you too can be competitive and even that much more convenient!

For example, RemitRadar‘s money transfer service is one of the best examples of this type of chatbot. Chatbot users can use automated services to send money, pay for international mobile while abroad, request exchange rates, and find other money transfer locations. All of these services are streamlined and easy to use.

Offering automated services through a chatbot can boost business, but just make sure security measures and other safety features are in place if the required information is personal.

4. Grow Email and Subscription Lists

Like most things in marketing, your email lists are your lifeblood and chatbots can be a great way to manage and add to your email lists.

There are a few ways to get new subscribers with chatbots:

  • Give people options to subscribe within the chat conversation
  • Give already subscribed individuals the option to get subscribed to your messenger updates
  • Have third-party integrations with a newsletter subscription-like Mailchimp
  • Have a button that directs people to your website newsletter integration

By allowing people to access exclusive information directly from Messenger or to make getting information easy, you allow them to follow you in a more user-friendly way!

BONUS: Invite Engaged Traffic via Chatbot Drip Campaign

Did you know you can set up automated sequences of messages that send your audience relevant links to a sales funnel content piece on your website?

Welcome, Facebook messenger drip campaigns!

Automate 1-5 messages to send to customers, each pointing to a link on your website with more information. You have the ability to nurture audience segments ensuring that each segmented group gets the relevant content they need to see!

5. Add a Messenger Button on Your Website

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a simple way to get traffic to your chatbots and website is to add a button to your website for chatbots! Just like you would add a social media icon button, you can direct visitors to your Facebook Messenger and connect with them in just one click!

To do this, you can either copy and paste an embedded code from Facebook onto your landing page or just use simple Facebook plugins.

6. Use Click-to-Messenger Ads

Ads that click to Messenger are Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger Inbox ads that send people into a conversation with your business in Messenger.

Businesses can use ads that click to Messenger to start conversations at scale, leveraging Facebook targeting to find customers relevant to their business. Whether the goal is to generate leads, raise awareness of brands or products, or drive sales, businesses can then tailor conversations in Messenger to meet their specific needs—driving business outcomes one conversation at a time.

As you would with any ad, create compelling, relevant copy and target strategically. Check out Facebook’s suggestions here.

7. Sell Products Directly

Believe it or not, you can sell products within chatbots!

Chatbots have wonderful options for robust e-commerce abilities and you can have it both done by a developer or a chatbot service like ChattyPeople or Chatfuel.

8. Place Your Business Chatbot in the Messenger Discovery Section

Discover is where people can browse and find Messenger bots, nearby places and businesses to message. Organized by category, recent activity and featured experiences, Discover complements existing entry points, including advertising to Messenger Codes, links and plugins.

Discovery section in Facebook Messenger is currently available to US-based users, but this still will add to your chatbot’s visibility.

To submit your bot, go to Messenger Platform tab in your Facebook Page Settings and scroll to Discover Settings section at the bottom of the page.

Click “Set up” button to configure the categories where the bot will appear, customize how it’s described in search results, and decide which languages you’d like to support.

9. Share Out Social Contests

Like entertainment, social contests can be deployed as chatbots and they can definitely help get the word out quickly!

On a chatbot, you can ask for users to contribute content, photos, video or answer questions! After a contest is over, you can use the broadcast tool to announce the winner.

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10. Drive Traffic from Comments

This is one of the easiest ways of driving users from Facebook news feed is to just comment like crazy on people’s stuff.

This functionality enables your bot to send an automatic private message to a user who comments on a post on your Facebook page.

The message can be triggered every time a user comments on a specific post or any post in the feed. You can also set up a list of trigger words to be identified in a user’s comments before sending him a message.

11. Create Messenger Codes for Your Chatbot

A Messenger scan code is similar to a QR code. You can generate a unique scannable code for your chatbot. When someone scans this code using the Messenger app on his phone, it will automatically open a conversation with your chatbot on Messenger.

This is great for traditional businesses like restaurants, gyms and retail stores to convert their customers into chatbot users. It can also work well for people who are regularly getting in front of prospects, face to face. A Messenger Code can be scanned by a camera in Facebook and Messenger mobile app to instantly lead a user to your bot.

History When you think of the term “interior design,” it is unlikely that you would associate with a mud hut. The roots of interior design have been scholastically attributed to clay-like structures built by the Ancient Egyptians, otherwise known as mud huts.


A Brief History of Interior Design Styles

Ancient Egyptians

To enhance the living spaces, families added functional furniture which they covered in animal skins or other textiles. Over time, versions of pottery such as painted vases, wall murals, and sculptures became popular.

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Romans and Greeks

Inspired by Egyptian concepts of décor, both the Roman and Greek civilizations utilized mosaics, wall paintings, and vases. Home interior styles varied, however; the Romans focused on beauty and comfort, as a means to demonstrate wealth and status. They made furniture from a variety of wood, stones, and metals. Consistent with their emphasis on luxury and aesthetics, furnishings included comfortable and fashionable cushions; while wall coverings displayed decorative designs. In contrast, Greeks focused on the decoration of intricately crafted furniture designs. Precious metals and ivory were used to create elegant furniture. Romans and Greeks also invented doomed-roof buildings.

Europeans: The Sacred & the Profane

Gothic-Styled Design

The High and Late Middle Ages witnessed Romanesque architecture evolve into what was termed Gothic in style. First appearing in the 12th century in France, the design is characterized by ribbed vaults, pointed arches, and flying buttresses. Consistent with European countries’ devotion to their religion, the most celebrated examples of the Gothic style are to found in churches, cathedrals, and abbeys. Christian worshippers believed their creator judged their faith based on the expanse and grandeur of their religious structures. The taller and more grand the building, the more blessing would be bestowed upon them by the Christian God, here on earth and in the afterlife.

Renaissance-Styled Design

The Renaissance period was known as the sacred “rebirth” of art, architecture, literature, science, music, and interior design. Originating in Tuscany and Florence, Italy, the design influences of the Middle Ages, such as pointed arches and markedly delineated lines in design, were softened into rounded arches and hearty columns. Decoratively the bestial gargoyle was replaced with gentle depictions of European life.

Interestingly, the Renaissance was partly the result of the “profane” political ambitions of kings and rulers in the form of wars raged, as well as artistic pursuits driven by ego. One example of this is the massive influence of Francois I, King of France. François’s appreciation for the arts and ongoing war with Italy served to provide inspiration for a resurgence of creativity within France’s cultural, scientific, intellectual and artistic communities. In Francois’s mind, he was strengthening the crown as well as his political position by bringing Italian masters and their works to France. Most famously his acquisition of the services of Leonardo da Vinci and the painting of the Mona Lisa which he used to decorate the royal hunting lodge, the Château de Chambord.

Baroque-Styled Interiors

The Baroque period emerged in 17th century Italy and continued to expand north. The term means “irregular,” and was initially a product of the Catholic Counter-Reformation. Massive, bold, rich velvet lambrequin, marquetry furniture, and crests characterized the style. Symmetry and precision in intricate depictions of “putti” or young boys and foliage are characteristic of the period.  As it spread, it was increasingly transformed by secular influences. Powerful monarchies utilized the approach to demonstrate power, pageantry, and strength. The opulent and robust architecture and interior design notably and profoundly affected European countries and cultures.

Neoclassical Style

In the mid-18th century, the cities of Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, and Genoa rejected Baroque design elements in favor of what would be known as Italian Neoclassical interior design. Based initially on Greek, Roman and Renaissance architecture – Great Britain and France would become leaders in the development of Neoclassical Art. Examples of the period can be seen in furniture that resembles the Louis XVI style and exaggerates recessed furniture backs and necks, as well as geometrically shaped Venetian armoires. Italian designers adopted the French-styled secretaire and encoignure cabinet by incorporating intricate signature designs. Gold, precious stones, exotic ornamentation, and jewels served to make the French Louis XVI armchair a uniquely Italian creation.

Interior Design for the Masses

Before the 19th century, art and interior design were enjoyed, commissioned and promulgated only by a country’s powerful, wealthy and influential individuals. However, as feudal and ancestral determinations of societal value were increasingly diminished by socio-technological-economic developments; the importance of the individual citizen became the firstborn and all-important prodigy of modernization.

Art Noveau

Although it only lasted three decades, from the 1880-1910 Art Noveau movement was profoundly influential on the history of interior design. Predominantly characterized by geometric shapes, arcs, and symmetrical parabolas; the style led to the creation of Tiffany lamps and the overall adoption of stained glass. The world-famous Eiffel Tower is symbolic of the artistic design of this period.

Art Deco

Emerging after WWI, Art Deco was born into the roar of the 1920’s.  Wealth in the U.S. doubled between the years 1920-1929 and brought with it an attitude of new opulence, extravagance, and indulgence. The interior design style of the period was identified by the use of chrome, stainless steel, geometric and streamlined shapes. With increased urbanization came mass culture and an interior design style which hosted bold shapes, broad curves, black leather and even a dash of zebra skin.

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Interior Design Styles of Today

The good news is that not only does one enjoy a wide range of design styles from which to choose; you also do not have to decorate solo. In the early 1900s, the professional interior design emerged as a career and never again would an individual, family or business have to brave the oceans of décor alone. In fact, in 2016, there were over 53,000 practicing interior designers in the U.S. alone specializing in styles such as Traditional American, Country, Shabby Chic, Scandinavian, Nautical, Hacienda, Minimalist, Industrial, Asian, Bohemian/Morrocan, and Eclectic, just to name a few.

Alphanumeric Code There are many different codes used in computer programming. One such example of those is alphanumeric codes, also known as character codes. These codes go beyond the traditional numeric representations found in more basic systems because they allow for the representation of both characters and letters, which then allows for the expression of more information.

Alphanumeric Code

These codes have been in use for some time and for good reason. They are much more effective than numeric codes. This guide will break down the codes to explain why that is.

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Alphanumeric Code: More Than Just Numbers

When computers were first invented, their only purpose was to compute calculations. A user would input information and the system would organize it in a way that made sense. That system was mainly used for numbers in order to make sense of different equations. However, as time has gone on and computer calculations have gotten more complex, researchers needed a way to go beyond numbers.

Computers are digital systems, which means they are only able to deal or work with 1s and 0s. The alphanumeric code gets around that by allowing them to work in both letters and symbols.

The Definition Of Alphanumeric Code

At their base, alphanumeric codes are binary codes that represent different alphanumeric (meaning more than numeric) data in a form that is only understood and representable by a computer.  That can include numbers, but it also expands to letters, punctuation marks, and mathematical symbols. It also encapsulates more common symbols like #, @, and &.

Those extra symbols are instrumental in allowing input-output devices like keyboards and monitors to interface with the computer. In addition, they enable stronger passwords and generate a tighter layer of security. They can even be used to create file names and are instrumental in building up a stronger system through programming.

The Power Of Alphanumeric Characters

All instructions, regardless of code, need to be written to computers in the form of numbers. That is the only language they understand, and it is the basis of all modern computing.

To get around that and create more detailed processes, programmers use alphanumeric code to create what is known as alphanumeric characters.  That creates representations of what humans see as alphabet characters and then sends them to the system.

For instance, though computers only recognize 0s and 1s, binary code can be used to create various letters of the alphabet. For example, in binary, the letter “A” is represented as 01000001.  Our eyes see that as a string of numbers, but a computer can read it as a letter. String enough such patterns together and you get an entire word.

Alphanumeric Shellcode To Enhance Security

The alphanumeric code has many advantages over more basic options, and one of the most striking is how well it advances security. The representation of both letters and characters allows for more patterns, which creates stronger, more secure systems. Perhaps the best example of this is in passwords and usernames.

Rather than just typing solely in numbers, users are encouraged to mix in alphanumeric characters to make their information more complex. That makes passwords much harder to crack and more resilient to outside attacks.

That security is furthered through alphanumeric shellcode, which is a shellcode that consists of or assembles itself on execution into entirely alphanumeric ASCII or Unicode characters like A through Z or 0 to 9.

Those different options are useful when it comes to creating a code that avoids detection or needs to pass through filters that scrub non-alphanumeric characters from strings.  A similar encoding type known as printable code can even use all printable characters to create a shellcode that is similar to normal English text.

The Origin Of Alphanumeric Code (Morse)

To understand why the alphanumeric code is so useful, we first need to look back into the past.

The first example of the code came about with the Morse Code in 1837, which was the first alphanumeric system used in telecommunication.

Though it may be hard to see the link between the Morse code and modern computing, the system utilized a standardized sequence of short and long elements in order to represent letters, numerals, and special characters in the exact same way modern alphanumeric code does.

While a computer can use 0s and 1s to create a word, Morse created letters through a series of dots and dashes. For instance, the letter “A” is represented from a dot followed by a dash, while “5” is shown by five dots in a row.

This is the principle behind modern alphanumeric code, and it reveals what makes it so useful.  Rather than being confined to one set of characters or a single system, the different combinations allow many characters to be created from two basic symbols.

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Characters And Letters Galore

There is no doubt that the alphanumeric code has multiple advantages over other code types. It is one of the hallmarks of modern systems and allows programmers to interact with systems in a more complex way. While numeric codes were fine back when computers were less advanced, a more complex system perfectly fits into a more complex world.