5 Best Cloud CMS for Small to Enterprise Business

Customizing an open-source platform could be tricky. This is forcing the organization to think of better solutions. Cloud CMS platforms are there to provide one such solution.


Building a custom platform from scratch could be a costly investment, especially for small and medium businesses. Creating and maintaining a reliable backend system could turn out to be expensive. This is where the Cloud platform which offers headless CMS comes into the picture.

Understanding Cloud CMS

Cloud CMS platforms are pre-built ready-to-use systems that allow you to manage your content safely over the cloud. At a fair monthly price, it provides you with a pre-built administrative panel to manage categories, tags, and articles online. It helps you focus on the primary aspect of building a blazing fast website frontend by utilizing Cloud CMS as the backend for content management.

Cloud CMS

Cloud CMS is an enterprise-grade platform that has excellent features like Git versioning, multiple environments, and easy team collaboration. It is priced at a premium compared to other CMS discussed further. However, the pricing comes with the benefits that it has to offer.

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Contentstack is one of the premium platforms, suitable for medium to big organizations. It provides a full suite of tools for managing content, creating beautiful pages with a visual builder, writing content using a rich text editor, and collaborating and publishing in various environments.

They are known for their enterprise-grade scalability, security, and reliability. Some of the exceptional features that you get with Contentstack include:

  • Full-fledged visual builder for creating entire pages using blocks and no coding
  • Integration with several popular apps like IBM Watson, Shopify, Optimizely, Youtube, Google Analytics and others
  • Support to integrate any new application that has relevant APIs
  • Supports static site generation for your frontend unlike other CMS
  • Backend by CDN for faster static content delivery
  • Auto-scaling compute set up to handle heavy traffic spikes.
  • Auto-optimises content like images and other graphics for mobile phones and tablets


ButterCMS is one of the most affordable solutions for small and medium businesses. Despite being the most affordable, it supports 20+ different programming languages and frameworks. It focuses on getting at every size of business kickstarted with SEO optimized blogs.


CosmicJS is a user-friendly simplistic CMS that provides a full-fledged content management platform with a ready-to-start code for multiple frameworks. CosmicJS allows you to import some pre-built content for use or to start from scratch. It has its unique way of managing content in the form of buckets. Each bucket can ideally be an environment like development, staging, and production.

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DotCMS is a completely different offering when compared to other CMS platforms in the market. It gives you the full flexibility of hosting the platform in your server, over your cloud, or on a managed cloud by DotCMS. This allows enterprises to ensure that their security constraints are met despite opting for a platform as a service. Some of the standout features of the platform include:

Cloud deployment options

DotCMS is available as a WAR(web application archive) package as an executable to deploy over the cloud as well as in the form of a Docker image. The enterprises can choose the configuration and deployment constraints for the CMS to run. The entire data is managed in a dedicated database, ensuring that your CMS data is isolated and secure.

Extensible with OSGI plugins

DotCMS runs on JVM. This means it can support extensions following the OSGi standards. This means you can easily extend the ability of DotCMS further by adding plugins. These plugins allow you to integrate direct gateways to your data with minimal trouble.

Some other benefits that come along include:

  • API first design allows you to interact using REST APIs as well as GraphQL APIs
  • Supports content templating to render fully customized pages
  • Auto-generates complete site-map based on the content created in the CMS
  • Support SaSS compilation which makes styling of the content simplified


Cloud CMS is a quick way to get a headstart in developing your content-based website. With the responsibility of backend completely shaved off, it allows you to focus on designing and developing the frontend elegantly. Moreover, with some of the platforms, you even get the boilerplate frontend code to rapidly develop on top of it.